The Missing Ingredient

The Journey Begins

You know by now that we’re pretty much obsessed with this success business. The science of success as we like to call it. We are on a continuous crusade to find out what makes people rise to the top and others flop. Good people, who exert intense effort, sweat, toil and tears and still don’t seem to make it. And then there’s another group of people who exert the same amount of effort, if not less, do their fare share of sweating, toiling, and laboring and miraculously end up at the very top. All things constant, both groups – the successes and the failures – have both exerted an insane amount of effort, but one group seems to outperform the other.

Why is that? How come one camp is able to make it to the top – and stay there – and another camp is forever doomed to a life…

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