The Bloch Series #4 [extended]: Volker Schneider on Bloch & Hegel.

Nyx, a noctournal

BlochErnst Bloch’s thought is largely anonymous in Britain. Nyx, a noctournal decided to depart this tremor of an as yet unknown adventure. The Bloch Series: sojourns with an heretic.*


Nyx:As we’ve seen, Michael Löwy conducts an interview with Bloch in Tübingen in 1974. The purpose of the interview is to clarify aspects of Bloch’s affinity with his formative friend György Lukács. On two separate occasions Bloch repeats the same remark, namely that what Lukács learnt from him (Bloch) was to study Hegel more deeply. So the question becomes, what does Bloch mean to say? In what way does Bloch believe Hegel needs to be studied more deeply?

VS: In a letter to Siegfried Kracauer from 1929 Bloch writes something very apt about this: “Lukács thinks, so to say, only in solidly moved [fest bewegten] and integrated bodies; out of them, he develops dialectics. For everything…

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