tumblr_static_french-vintage-white-gold-3-0-carat-black-diamond-green-topaz-pisces-weddinng-ring-engagement-ring-y228-wggtbd-p-700x700In my society people confuse the “erotic” with a desire to have sex. The perception of the feminine eroticicism in our society is that an erotically charged woman is in some way , sending an invitation to men. Even if it is not an intentional invitation, there is a belief that an erotic woman”wants to have sex.” That she simply thinks about her body parts.

What my society doesn’t understand, is that sex is only one tab in the puzzle that makes up the erotic. Erotic has a meaning of love, caused by love, to love. Love is trust and respect.The eroticicism is a sensational feeling caused by love. When you have these experiences of love and affinity that give you a moment of quality and perfection. However, there is a far more precise description of an “erotic” than just a simple action to the human genitalia. It’s something only a strong man would understand.


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