Season of Migration to the North

>Al-Tayeb Saleh is a Sudanese author whose books transcend the boundaries of culture, time and geography even when he writes about village life in Northern Sudan. He presents this world with depth and yet it sparkles with humour and wit while conveying love and respect for these, much too human, characters. The Season of Migration to the North was at one point acclaimed as THE novel of the 20th century Arabic literature. It tells a poignant story of a narrator who returns to his native village in the North of Sudan after several years of higher education in England to meet a mysterious character who reveals to him his own relationship to colonialism, education, racism, and the classical Arabic literary question that deals with the demarcation of reason and madness. A beautiful read that transcends culture and society in our striving for flight towards true human freedom, beyond politics and beyond our social and individual constraint.


2 thoughts on “Season of Migration to the North

  1. “ياللسخرية .. الإنسان لمجرد أنه خلق عند خط الاستواء ،بعض المجانين يعتبرونه عبداً وبعضهم يعتبره إلهاً .أين الاعتدال؟! أين الاستواء”
    في رحاب الرجل الطيب هذا وموسم الهجرة الذي تجلي فيه كل ساحرية الواقع عرفت أبعاد ومعاني أخري للقراءة والرواية العربية لم أكن أتخيل وجودها من قبل

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